Like Never Before.

Comprehensive Investing & Trading Insights at your fingertips. A whole new way to look at the Indian Stock Market. 


A sneak peek at some of the App's most powerful features.

In Depth Data

Know the Business Behind every Stock.

Market Share of Reliance in the Broadband Segment?
Revenue Share of Jio in the overall Business of Reliance?
From which Countries & Geographies does Reliance earn its Revenues?


Visualize Links between Stocks

List of Stocks that sell Air Conditioners (AC) in India?
Who is the Market Leader in the AC segment?
Who are the Suppliers to AC companies?

Market analysis

Understand Index Movements & Sector Rotation.

Are FIIs Buying or Selling? What is their Long Short Ratio? Are they in Control?
What is going on in the Global Markets? Is the market likely to Gap-up or Gap-Down?
Which Sector is bullish right now? How is the sectoral rotation happening?

Portfolio Analysis

Add Stocks.
Build a Portfolio.
Get Instant Insights.

What is the P/E of your Portfolio? Is it higher or lower than the Index?
Is your Portfolio exposed more to China or US or Japan?
Dividends can you expect from your Portfolio? End to End Portfolio Insights.

More Powerful Features

To help you eliminate poor-quality stocks and find quality stocks that you can invest in. Most of the work is done when you know how to eliminate before selecting. 

Stock Screening

 Market Leaders ✔
Good Performers & Quality Stocks ✔
Stocks with Shares Pledged & More ✔

Sector-Wise Metrics

Banks & NBFCs ✔
Auto ✔
Telecom ✔
10+ Sectors ✔

Detailed Peer Comparison

✔ Compare stocks of similar nature.
✔ Across every single Parameter.
✔ Instant Comparisons.

Qualitative Analysis

✔ Strengths & Weaknesses
✔ Board & Management
✔ Industry Overview

Explore, Visualize & Analyze

Stocks, Markets, Businesses, Portfolios.

Our Offerings

Finvezto Toolkit®

The Tools you need to make wise trading & investing decisions.

Finvezto Top 100

Analysis & Key Levels of Top 100 Quality Stocks and Market Leaders for Investors.

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Trading Masterclass

Comprehensive Online Course for Traders. Discover the Other side of Trading.

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